Simple Contacts

ROLE: Head of Design, UX, Art Direction, Visual Design

Simple Contacts lets you skip the doctor visit by renewing your prescription and buying contact lenses at home. I was brought on as the first design hire, providing direction on the identity system rebrand and accompanying brand photoshoot, while redesigning the proof of concept web and app products. I then hired a brand designer and a product designer and lead the design team through countless UX refinements, marketing tests, feature improvements, and design critiques at the cafe over coffee (or golden matcha lattes).

Simple Contacts’ core offering is a vision test that is captured on your device and sent to doctors to review—the UX of this test requires the user to answer medical history questions, then step 10 feet away from the device to read an eye chart, then bring the device closer than normal to their eyes to check for redness—whew! A large project was re-thinking this flow to make an awkward process more fluid and intuitive. We recorded clips of the medical advisor and created an interactive video exam that guides the user through the test in a familiar FaceTime-like experience. This effort improved conversion and reinforced that a trusted medical service is being provided. NICE.