Veteran Internet Designer

Ever since I made my first SWF in the late 90’s, I’ve been hooked on creating interactive experiences for the web. Technology, tools and trends keep changing, but the desire to delight people with magic on a screen remains the same.

As a senior level product design generalist, I help anywhere in a project cycle: early-phase product strategy definition, mid-phase directional exploration, and late-phase polished execution. I've worked with ad agencies, tech shops, media companies and startups to make rad stuff.

I believe it's all about the team. I’m fortunate to have been a part of some great ones. As a manager, establishing trust through humility and creating a safe environment for creativity flourish is what I strive for.

I'm currently Director of Product Design at Daily Harvest.

Simple Contacts • MTV • Comedy Central • Quirky • Wink • Printzel • Friends of eBay • Co:Collective • Stripes39 • JWT • Aol • Tooth & Nail Records • Digital Kitchen • Cornish College of the Arts